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James McAllister
James McAllister
Enjoyed doing business with Rod, quick, painless, and convenient. Would definitely recommend to others.
jerry nest
jerry nest
Partnering with Exor Holdings has been a great experience for the properties I now own. The transactions were smooth, quick, and efficient! Rodrigo, Livia, and the entire team were seamless and totally transport through the entire process.
Yana Savchenko
Yana Savchenko
We worked with Livia and that was a breath of fresh air. Proactive support for our search for an apartment, consistent bridge between us, the owners and other realtors. This was the first time we felt everything was taken care of and we could surrender and trust the professional.
christopher dinonsie
christopher dinonsie
Exor Holdings LLC was very professional and easy to work with. They answered all my questions and concerns. I would certainly recommend them to anybody.
Giavanie Pearson
Giavanie Pearson
I had a wonderful experience working with these guys. They are so friendly and hard-working. They worked around the clock to make sure everything was done and reasonable time. Family
Derrick Graves
Derrick Graves
Exor was great to work with. Smooth and easy to close the property. They stayed on top of everything so there were no delays. 5/5 stars!
Scott Vanderkooi
Scott Vanderkooi
First time ever even considering a property sale like this…simple as they promised! I was hesitant at first to go through an unsolicited sale, but Exor did a great job explaining everything and putting my mind at ease. They followed through with everything promised.
Stephen White
Stephen White
We would recommend Exor Holdings, with just a couple of small caveats. They approached us after our condo in Florida was badly damaged during Hurricane Ian in September 2022. The property was unlivable, and finding a contractor was extremely difficult, time-consuming and very, very expensive. While we had a number of real estate professionals approach us about selling the property as-is, Exor was the only one willing to bring in their own team, fix the place up, show and market it, and sell it for us, all at an agreed-upon price, and within 90 days. We liked their business model and saw very positive reviews online, so we signed a contract with them in late January 2023. A couple of bumps in the road occurred, although they weren't necessarily the fault of Exor. The market for condos like ours softened not long after signing the contract, and some prospective buyers were put off by the fact that the condo association had no flood insurance, thus removing the potential for anyone to get a mortgage loan. These factors meant we had to give Exor some extra time, so they proposed 60 days beyond the agreed-upon termination date. We weren't thrilled by this, but they were willing to bump up our asking price a bit in exchange for the extra 2 months. Fortunately, Exor was able to find a suitable buyer and we settled about 10 days beyond the extra 60 day mark. I would give them a solid 4 stars, with 1 star taken away due to the longer time frame (which required us to pay the carrying costs on the condo beyond what we had anticipated.)
Daniel Sydorenko
Daniel Sydorenko
Had an awesome experience with Luis and Rodrigo. They were very responsive and accommodating throughout the entire process. Would definitely work with them again!


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We will pay Cash for your house in any condition.

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After the call our analyst team will draft up an offer that we’ll get back to you in 24 hours. The offer is your bottom line, no hidden fees or deductions upon closing. 



After agreeing on the best possible offer, you’ll receive our contract by email, E-Signature service or Mobile Notary.



After the contract is signed, everything is sent to title to start the paperwork. You’ll receive your cash via a bank check or wire.

Our Mission


The pursuit of improving the quality of Neighborhoods in America, one ​property at a time. We at Exor Holdings know that real estate isn’t just about prices; it’s also about ​relationships. We understand that selling a home isn’t just a business ​transaction, it’s a whole new beginning. It can be overwhelming and full of uncertainties. We, therefore, did not ​specialize in buying properties; we specialize in consulting with you as the ​homeowner to find the best solution for your house.

We buy homes in any condition and no matter what circumstance

Our process is designed to be fast, convenient and effortless for you. Here are some common issues we help with:

Outdated homes

that need costly repairs and renovations to sell on the market.

Homes that were severely damaged

by natural or other disasters, such as fire, hurricane, flooding and storm.

Homes with troublesome tenants.

squatters or sometimes even family.

Homes that have become a financial burden

through delinquent mortgage payments or property taxes

Inherited homes

that need to be sold fast.

Built Through Trust

Imagine selling your property was that easy...

Meet The Team

Rodrigo Gayoso
CEO & Co-Founder

Livia Adams L.L.M | M.B.A

Christopher Waddington
Chief of Technology

Waleed Darr
Communications Manager